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Hypnosis Trance training

Instant Trance - Audio training

RELAX and UNWIND with Hypnosis

Learn how to enter a creative refreshing trance at will with this audio.

17 minutes long it will allow you to experience a deep state of relaxation.

WARNING – Do not listen to this audio whilst operating machinery,
driving, or anywhere that a deeply relaxed  state would cause a problem.

Listen here or right click the DOWNLOAD button and”save as”


Hypnosis spiral Download


The software is provided for your entertainment. Anyone suffering from photo-epilepsy should refrain from using the software.

Full screen animated spiral.


This free hypnosis download shows what tricks the mind is capable of! An illusion similar to the warping effect seen in image manipulation software!

Instructions: download and run the program.

Stare into the centre of the spiral for about 30 seconds.

Look at your hand or someones face.

Brainwave Generator

Brainwave Generator

Want to relax? Meditate? Learn faster? Focus attention? Increase your awareness? Try self-hypnosis?

Just put on the earphones and let BrainWave Generator take you to the state of mind you want.

The sound and visual stimulation functions of BrainWave Generator help you

  • prepare for stressful situations or challenging tasks
  • improve learning results
  • alleviate sleeping problems and headaches
  • …and much more!

BrainWave Generator generates binaural beats that change your brain frequency towards the desired state, be it relaxation or enhanced attention.

In addition to using the more than 20 built-in brain wave entrainment programs, you can create your own programs (presets).

Windows based Software Generates patterns of sounds geared to shifting your mind state in to relaxation or into other useful states. ie deep meditation, highly focussed learning state, etc

Has many features including:

selection of state presets

Flashing window to match with audio

Very like the sound light machines sold for hundreds of £’s $’s

This free hypnosis download software is shareware and is provided by

Download BWgen3.1.exe

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